New Zealand – September 2009

From there I headed north on Rt 80 (aka the Mount Cook Highway) to Mount Cook. The road pretty much hugs the shore of the lake and there is not much rise in elevation. The views are wonderful and with stops for photos, it took me about 45 minutes to get to Mount Cook. I ate lunch and enjoyed a cup of coffee and then backtracked to Rt. 8. Mount Cook itself was obscured by rain clouds so no photo.

The western shore of Lake Pukaki on the way to Mount Cook
Not visible through the clouds
The traffic was terrible...
A great place to eat

Just south of Twizel on Rt 8 I came across the High Country Salmon farm on Lake Ruataniwha and couldn’t resist stopping to feed the fish. Because the water is so cloudy, you can’t see the salmon in the pens, but they just boil out of the water when you toss in the food pellets. The proprietors asked if I wanted to buy some and I told them that I was on a motorcycle. “That’s okay, we can ship it!” they replied… LOL.

Salmon farm
Tranquil spot near the fish farm
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