New Zealand – September 2009

From there I continued south on Rt 8, passing a bunch of kairns on the side of the road and stopping at a small rest area near a stream to nap for 20 minutes at a picnic table. Small case of post-lunch afternoon sleepiness.

This was just one of many on the side of the road

From there it was on through Lindis Pass and Tarras until I got to Cromwell.

That's pretty clear
Magnificent Lindis Pass

I turned onto 8b to cross Lake Dunston, and then turned left onto Rt 6 and continued West. This section of road was technically challenging and a blast to ride on the Honda. I was used to the bike now and I was amazed at it’s responsiveness, comfortable ride and silky smooth-as-a-sewing-machine engine. Hmmm… maybe my next bike should be a sport tourer.

Just a few miles south of Cromwell, my next stop was at the Mad Dog River Boarding. Here you can ride what we would call boogie boards down the river. It is actually located at the Goldfields Mining Centre, a now defunct gold mine.

Maddog! How'd they know I was gonna be there?
Kawarau River
Bridge to the old gold field

Further down the road, I came upon the Kawarua Bridge Historic Reserve. The Kawarua Bridge is the world’s first commercial bungy jumping operation. I pulled into the parking lot at 5:00 pm, just as the last employees were leaving for the day. I walked across the bridge and took some photos, and then headed into Queenstown to find a room for the night.

The jumping platform
Built in 1880
Built in 1880
On the other side looking back. Note the stairs leading to the river.
Before you jump...

After driving around town a bit, I settled on the Amber Lodger Motel. When I checked in, the young fellow behind the counter asked if I wanted milk. Huh? Whole or skim was the next question. I didn’t know where this was going so I said whole. Then he reached into a small refrigerator and gave me a small container of cold milk. Frankly, I was puzzled but maybe this was some kind of NZ thing. I got to my room, drank the milk, decided that I was way too tired to go looking for dinner and just went to bed.

The Amber Lodge Motel in Queenstown
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