New Zealand – September 2009

The next day I opened my door and directly in front of me was a gondola ride going straight up a steep mountain. Well, I just had to ride that! It was a perfectly clear day and I knew that the photos would be exceptional.

The gondola to the top of Bob's Peak overlooking Queenstown

It was about a 5 minute ride through the city to get to the base where I bought a ticket for both the gondola ride and the alpine slide at the top (I mistakenly thought that the alpine slide would take me all the way back down the mountain. Nope – you ride the gondola back down.

Base of the mountain
Cool place to have a party or reception!
Looks like fun
Helicopter tours too
There's my motel!
Wow wow wow...
It was a crystal clear day
Some facts and figures
Observation deck above, restaurant below
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Matthew Dragiff

A Goldwing rider from Jacksonville, FL.

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