Dark Side Impressions – The First 65 Miles

Silly as it sounds, the bike is easier to get up off the kickstand! Once underway, the bike definitely feels different. Not in a bad way, but just different. The bike is much easier to keep upright – in fact, it wants to stay upright. Want to ride with no hands? No problem, the bike just runs straight as an arrow. Disclaimer: The author does not encourage or promote riding a motorcycle without holding on to the handlebars.

The corners require more counter-steering effort, and that took me some miles to get used to. But I like the feedback I get now when pressing on the handlebar during a turn. The Rogue was more responsive to counter-steering with the Bridgestone but sometimes I felt it was too sensitive. Now I feel more in control because more pressure is required. Let up and the bike comes upright on it’s own. And with the huge area in contact with the road, the tire just sticks! I love the solid feel.

The ride seems a little smoother now. The tire is absorbing some of the bumps that were previously transmitted to my backside. I’ve got 25 PSI in it now, which others have said seems to be about right for 1-up riding. I’ll have to experiment a little myself.

More to come as I get more miles on it.