Laminar Lip

A couple of years ago I test rode an HD Ultra Glide at Daytona bike week and I loved the wind protection provided by the bat shell fairing. It was phenomenal. I had hope that my Goldwing would offer the same freedom from buffeting but I have to admit that it came up a little short. I like riding with the Goldwing windshield all the way down so that I can see over the top, but the buffeting at highway speeds is too much. So I have taken to riding with the windshield up all the way which improves things a lot – the downside being that I look through the windshield, not over it. But it still does not totally eliminate the buffeting.

Last weekend I installed a Laminar Lip. The testimonials on their website are good and they have a 30-day return policy (albeit with a 20% restocking fee) so if I didn’t like it, I could get most of my money back. The big question was exactly where to mount it? They recommend starting with the top of the Lip about 1″ above the top edge of the windshield, so I duct taped it on at that position and took a test ride. I tested it with the windshield down all the way. Then I tested it with the windshield up all the way – that wasn’t going to work! Looking through the Lip is like looking at the fun house mirrors at a carnival. I then remounted the Lip a bit higher so that half of the Lip was above the top edge of the windshield. Another test ride with the windshield down all the way. Then I took it off and rode without it to reset my baseline.

In the end, I mounted it so that the top edge was about 1 1/4″ above the top edge of my windshield. No fancy measuring is required. Just line up the top 3M Dual Locks so that they are just below the top edge of the windshield. I followed the instructions, cleaned the windshield, cleaned the mounting location with rubbing alcohol, lined things up carefully and pressed. The Dual Locks hold very securely.

So how well does it work? Well, on a scale of 1 to 10, where ten is the amount of buffeting I formerly experienced without the Laminar Lip, with the windshield down all the way, at speeds up to 60 mph there is no buffeting. At 70 mph, I’d rate the buffeting at a 1. At 80mph, I’d rate it at a 2. So all in all, a huge improvement. I can now ride with the windshield down all the way and I have virtually no buffeting compared to what I used to experience with the windshield up all the way.

Clearwater Lights Installed

Here are some additional pictures showing how the lights look when installed. There is also a picture showing how the Handwings were trimmed to clear the mounting bolt. My only disappointment is that the mounting bolt is beginning to show some rust – for the price of these lights, is sure seems that Clearwater could have included stainless steel hardware. I’ll be replacing these… Read More

Barber Motorsports, Birmingham Alabama


I rode to Birmingham Alabama the second weekend in October to visit the Barber Motorsports Museum. It was the weekend of their 11th annual Vintage Festival. Barber Motorsports has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest collection of motorcycles in the world. So large, in fact, that they are building an addition in order to have more on display. Currently, the museum is home to over 1400 motorcycles spanning 100 years of production. More than 650 bikes can be seen on any given day and 200(!) different manufacturers from 20 countries are represented in the collection. Rare racecars are also on display. Read More