HD Museum

I was in Milwaukee on business 2 weeks ago, so I took the afternoon off and visited the Harley Davidson museum. I have to admit, I was a bit underwhelmed. Perhaps Barber Motorsports spoiled me, but it just seems like HD could have done so much more. The museum has a dark industrial motif. The lighting didn’t do the bikes justice and the mix of fluorescent and incandescent lighting made photography a bit of a chore. I will say that the Wall of Tanks was beautifully done and a delight to behold. It was my favorite part of the museum. I understand how iconic the museum is and I’m glad I went but overall it was a bit disappointing.

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Installing Powerlet Sockets on the ‘Wing

I recently bought myself a heated vest from Aerostich. I chose the BMW-style connector because I had a bunch of Powerlet sockets that I had installed on my previous bike and they seemed to offer better weather protection than the Aerostich Quickconnect plugs. So my project last weekend was to install sockets on the ‘Wing to power the vest as well as my GoPro. I wanted the sockets to be in a location that was very easy to reach, where the plug would not hit my leg and where I would be unlikely to snag the plug or kick it inadvertently when mounting or dismounting the bike.
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