Traxxion Dynamics Mega Monty Suspension Upgrade – Behind the Scenes

I came across Max McAllister of Traxxion Dynamics on YouTube a few years ago, and watched his videos on the GL1800 suspension.  And I had to agree with Max’s observations about the stock suspension as delivered from Honda.  Goldwing riders come in all shapes and sizes, and in that regard, the stock suspension leaves plenty of room for improvement.

My experience mirrored his – the harshness in the forks, the bottoming over large bumps, the preload adjuster on the rear shock that doesn’t have a full effective range, and the stock triple clamps that allow the front fork to flex.  Max’s videos are shown below.

About two years ago, I installed their fork clamp and it did help to reduce (but not eliminate) the flexing, but the other suspension issues remained.

So, this summer I made the decision to upgrade the suspension.  I went with the full upgrade, called the Mega Monty Kit, which includes their cartridge kit for the front forks, new seals and bushings, new rear shock, billet aluminum triple clamps and tapered steering head ball bearings.  This is a behind the scenes look at the upgrade.  The video was not sponsored – I’m just happy with the results and wanted to share my experience. 

Kudos to Max for building a great product (in America! – Let’s Go Brandon!). My bike now handles phenomenally – no more bottoming out the shocks, no wallowing, no fork flex. The difference is like night and day.