4321 Miles, 18 States, 1 Saddlesore 1000 – Summer 2009

When I saw the signs for Huntington WV, I crossed the Ohio river again, back into West Virginia, in order to see the campus of Marshall University.

Marshall University
Beautiful campus

And caught some sights on the way out of the city.

Steam locomotive (click to enlarge)
The Depot

Somehow I got turned about and wound up back in Ohio on Rt 52 to Ashland. But in Ashland, I crossed the Ohio river again, this time into Kentucky. I took Rt 23 south to Paynes Gap and crossed over into Virginia. In Norton VA I picked up BR23 which took me through a bit of the Jefferson National Forest and then on to Appalachia and into Big Stone Gap.

Appalachia Virginia

The Virginia Coal Heritage Trail weaves through the heart of Virginia’s Coalfield Region, providing you with glimpses of unique coal mining towns that were formed more than a century ago

Near Big Stone Gap

From there I picked up Rt 23 south to Duffield and got onto Rt 58, the Daniel Boone Trail. Rt 58 is a wonderful ride heading southwest that parallels the mountain ridge between Virginia and Kentucky.

Headed toward the Cumberland Gap on Rt 58, the Daniel Boone Trail

Rt 58 also takes you past the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.

Park Entrance
Historical marker (click to enlarge)

At Cumberland Gap, TN, I took the tunnel through the mountain back into Kentucky. As I came out of the tunnel into Middleboro, Kentucky, I passed a sign that said “Home of Lee Majors”. Remember the Six Million Dollar Man? LOL… I had a great steak dinner and went in search of a motel for the evening. The only room I could find was smoking room at an older motel, so I decided instead to press on.

The tunnel through the mountain

So it was back through the tunnel into Tennessee, riding through the dusk in search of a suitable motel. I headed southwest on Rt 63, and just past Norris Lake, and the intersection with I-75, I stopped for the night in Caryville.

Norris Lake
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