The VN2000 Really Needs a Name…

The ONLY thing that bothers me about my bike is that it doesn’t have a model name. I bet this has happened to you. The conversation goes something like this…

“What kind of bike do you ride?”
“A Vulcan 2000”
“Oh…” (they think you’re riding a 2000 model year bike)
“Oh, how big is that?”
“It’s a 2000”
“No, I mean how big is the engine?”
“It’s a 2000”
“No, I mean the engine size”
“It’s a 2000 CC engine… 2053 to be exact. 125 cubic inches. It’s big.”
That’s when the realization slowly hits them.

People know what bike you are referring to when you mention a Mean Streak, a Nomad, a Vulcan Classic, or Drifter. But mention VN2000 and you get blank looks. It’s almost as bad as HD designations – FLXHRABCXYZ…

ROG members know what a Rogue is, but no one else does. If you could name it, what would you name it?

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