2011 IBA Final Ride In – Stockton, AL

Mr. Happy attends the 15th Annual IBA Last Ride In of the Year

I rode to the 15th annual IBA year-end ride-in on the 30th. 883 miles round trip – for lunch. I set the alarm for 3:30 and was pulling out of the driveway at 4:00am for the 430 mile ride from Jacksonville. It was a straight shot, I-10 the whole way. The first few hours were cold, dropping down to around 40 in the early hours of the morning. I stopped for breakfast in Tallahassee, took a brief 15 minute snooze, and continued on my way. I got there around 11am and the place was packed. Read More

2011 IBA Gator 1000

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I took part in the Iron Butt Association’s Florida Gator 1000 ride on Thursday, March 10th. It started from the Ramada Inn on San Jose Blvd in Jacksonville, FL, which is the IBA headquarters for the Daytona Beach Bike Week Annual IBA Party. It was a bit different from the traditional SaddleSore 1000 rides. For this ride the route was predetermined, GPS coordinates were made available to the riders before the ride, a detailed log documenting all stops was not required and we were issued rally flags. As the IBA site put it, “The Gator 1000 will give you a taste of what bonus hunting is about without all the technical concerns of rallying”. The overall theme was one of gator hunting. For the purpose of this ride, a crocodile and gator were considered one and the same! Read More

4321 Miles, 18 States, 1 Saddlesore 1000 – Summer 2009

This was the start of a long summer vacation ride that would take me through 18 states. It was also my qualifying run for the Iron Butt Association (IBA). The IBA is an organization dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding an currently has 50,000+ members. To qualify, you must complete one of the IBA rides, the shortest of which is 1000 miles in 24 hours. The ride must be witnessed at the start and the finish and you must maintain a detailed log of your stops for gas and rest.

Summer 2009
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