It’s been two weeks since Bike Week ended.

How our worlds have changed in the 2 weeks since Bike Week ended.  We talked about Coronavirus during the event, but the magnitude of the pandemic had yet to be grasped.  I heard a report that at least one attendee had been infected, but later was told that the individual became ill while traveling to Daytona but ended up in St John’s County about an hour north and didn’t make it to Daytona.  With so many people gathered in one place (and many visiting from the Northeast), it’s highly probably that some carried the virus. 

But it’s been two weeks and I’m fine and symptom free and and grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy the event.  Unfortunately, it will be a long time before we are all able to gather together again like that, whether at Daytona or any of the other great bike rallies that take place around the country.  I hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy.

I’m Back

Things have been incredibly busy the past two years. We began renovating our home at the beginning of 2018 and are finally done. I did the majority of the work myself and it consumed virtually all of my free time – nearly every weekend and plenty of “vacation” days.

My neighbor came by one day, looked at my Goldwing parked in the garage and said “If I had a nice bike like yours, I’d be out riding it”. Ouch.

I did manage to squeeze in several trips, but never got around to adding them to my blog. Leesburg Bike Fest, a Mid-Atlantic trip with my wife that took us north to the Outer Banks and on to the Shenandoah National Park and back south on Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. And most recently a wonderful 4-day Blue Ridge Parkway trip with my daughter (and occasional riding partner) Courtney.

Also, I recently discovered some photos of a long weekend spent riding in the North Carolina mountains, a day trip to Darien, Georgia, and a ride north on the Natchez Trace that ended with a visit with our oldest daughter in Nashville and another daughter and son-in-law in Atlanta.

With the house project now completed, I can catch up on documenting my trips and enjoying new ones. I’ll soon be adding posts for those past trips and more (Daytona Bike Week 2020 is coming up in one week!). Look for plenty of new photos.

And I have much more planned. More about that in a future post…