Summer 2016 – Day 5, Monument Valley, Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Dam, and Tar Snakes

I was eagerly anticipating taking the iconic photo of Monument Valley on US 163 heading southwest from Mexican Hat. The spot where Forest Gump stopped running. Around 8:30 AM I crested a hill and there it was before me. I pulled into the small gravel parking area on the right. I wasn’t alone. This morning there was a mini-van and group of 6 Chinese tourists milling about in the middle of the road taking pictures. My first thought was “This is great. I’ll have someone to take my picture and I won’t need to setup my tripod.” I parked in the gravel, got out my camera and took a few pictures. Almost immediately one of the men came up to me and the conversation went something like this.

Tourist: “She would like to take a picture with you”

Me: “Me?”

Tourist: “Yes, she would like to get a picture with you”

Me: “You want me to take a picture of all of you?”

Tourist: “No, just you and her”

Me: “She wants to have her picture taken with me?”

Tourist: “Yes”

Me: “Well, sure. Why not!”


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Summer 2016 – Day 4, Million Dollar Highway, Four Corners, Moki Dugway

The day started with fantastic mountain riding in cool temperatures and ended in the hot, dry desert of southeast Utah.

Bear Creek Falls Overlook is only about 10 minutes south of Ouray, so no sooner had I started then I stopped for photos. Absolutely breathtaking. Somewhere between Ouray and Durango (I don’t remember exactly where) traffic was stopped in both directions as road crews cleared rock that had been blasted earlier that morning.

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Summer 2016 – Day 3, Pikes Peak to Ouray, Colorado

I’ll admit it. I am a sea-level flatlander. I live in a single-story house. No stairs. No hills in Jacksonville other than the bridges over the St. Johns River. I had just completed 1800 miles of riding across the flattest part of our nation. And this morning I headed to the top of Pikes Peak. “Make sure you drink a lot of water” I was advised, “it’ll help prevent headaches caused by the altitude”. The first half of the road to the top is not challenging, but the switchbacks and sheer drop-offs further up require concentration. And the bike just felt odd. I realized that I was experiencing the famous Goldwing wobble. I hadn’t noticed it with the original Bridgestone tires, but the new Avons seemed to accentuate it. It was unnerving. For me, the ride up was worse than the ride down. Heading up, you only see the curve in the road and sky. Heading down, you can see the vista.

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Summer 2016 – Day 1, Jacksonville to St. Louis

The beauty of the English language is the ability to create new words. Motography. The combination of motorcycling and photography. I guess that I could be called a motographer. This summer I combined my two passions while crossing off some destinations on my motorcycling bucket list. Riding across the Great Plains. Pikes Peak. Million Dollar Highway. Four Corners. Mokie Dugway. Monument Valley. The Grand Canyon. Utah’s amazing national parks.

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HD Museum

I was in Milwaukee on business 2 weeks ago, so I took the afternoon off and visited the Harley Davidson museum. I have to admit, I was a bit underwhelmed. Perhaps Barber Motorsports spoiled me, but it just seems like HD could have done so much more. The museum has a dark industrial motif. The lighting didn’t do the bikes justice and the mix of fluorescent and incandescent lighting made photography a bit of a chore. I will say that the Wall of Tanks was beautifully done and a delight to behold. It was my favorite part of the museum. I understand how iconic the museum is and I’m glad I went but overall it was a bit disappointing.

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Barber Motorsports, Birmingham Alabama


I rode to Birmingham Alabama the second weekend in October to visit the Barber Motorsports Museum. It was the weekend of their 11th annual Vintage Festival. Barber Motorsports has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest collection of motorcycles in the world. So large, in fact, that they are building an addition in order to have more on display. Currently, the museum is home to over 1400 motorcycles spanning 100 years of production. More than 650 bikes can be seen on any given day and 200(!) different manufacturers from 20 countries are represented in the collection. Rare racecars are also on display. (more…)

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IBA Lap of Florida Insanity Gold – First Attempt

It was the perfect weekend for doing the Iron Butt Association Lap of Florida Insanity Gold ride. Jacksonville to Fernandina Beach to Perdido Key to Marco Island to Key West and back to Jacksonville in less that 32 hours. Only 5 other IBA members have accomplished this challenging ride. The weather forecast was for sunny skies, temps in the 70s-80s during the day and mid-50s to mid-60s at night. The bike was prepped, the route was planned, the bags were packed and off I went at 4:45 am yesterday to begin the ride. I stopped at the Gate gas station on Old St. Augustine Road at I-295 to get my first receipt of the ride and then it was North on I-295 to 9A over the Dames Point Bridge and the exit to Heckscher Drive. (more…)

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