Daytona Beach Bike Week 2011

Bike Week 2011

Courtney and I rode down to Daytona Beach on Saturday to enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Bike Week 2011.  This is the 70th anniversary of bike week.  The weather cooperated fully and we had a great time.  We took a leisurely ride down Rt 1 from Jacksonville, stopping at the State Street Diner in Bunnell for a late breakfast.

A great local diner
A great local diner

Then it was on to Destination Daytona where we wandered around and enjoyed checking out the HDs inside the store.  Courtney proved her mettle again – despite the traffic and noise, she handled her bike like a pro.

Inside of Destination Daytona
Inside of Destination Daytona
This one is nice...
This one is nice…

Then we hopped on I-95 and rode three exits to the Raceway.  We got there too late to test ride the Harleys, but we did enjoy the bikes at the Honda tent and I really enjoyed the new 2012 Goldwings.  What a motorcycle…  It’s my next ride for sure.

Can I ride it home?
Can I ride it home?

On our way out I took Courtney through the tunnel into the infield where she got to experience the awesomeness of the Speedway for herself. Those 31 degree banked turns are pretty amazing when you are up close. We followed the infield road all the way to the end and exited through the large tunnel at the west end of the speedway. What a treat.

We headed downtown to Main Street to meet our friends Scott and Nancy.  It’s become somewhat of a tradition for us.  We hung out at the Dog House, enjoyed some food and beers and people watching.  The weather was absolutely perfect, with clear skies and temps in the low 70’s.  We finally headed home around 10:45 pm via the Loop, and even though it was dark, Courtney knew it was a beautiful and special road.  I got a chance to try out my new Trail Tech HID driving lights and the canopy formed by the oak trees makes this arguably one of the most beautiful rides in Florida.

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A Goldwing rider from Jacksonville, FL.

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  1. Love the pictures, especially the one of the diner! I had so much fun going with you and I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t stall/drop the bike/hit anyone! =)

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