Florida to Vermont – Summer 2007

Day 5 – Monday July 9th

Leaving Grafton NY, I took Route 2 over the Taconic Mountains into the Taconic State Park in Massachusetts. I picked up Route 7 North and then 2 East again through Williamstown MA (home of Williams College), then onto the fabled Route 100 into Vermont. Quintessential New England – small farms, small towns, church steeples, decaying towns, renewed towns, ski areas, corn, cows… postcard perfect.

No traffic
Classic VT home
Beautiful VT

The weather so far had been perfect, but as I was approaching Woodstock, VT the sky was turning BLACK. I had only 10 more minutes to go before I reached by destination, but I pulled off to the side of Rt. 4, just outside of Woodstock, donned my rain gear, and rode the last couple of miles in the rain. The rest of the trip was dry, sunny and clear. What a blessing.

Mimi's house
My beautiful wife, and the best mother-in-law in the world!!!

I joined my wife and kids who had traveled by car the previous week to see her Mom. While there I changed the oil and filter and examined the Bridgestone Battleaxe on the rear which seemed to be disappearing before my eyes. Those other Rogue owners weren’t kidding – this soft rubber does not last long…I’ve got about 5700 miles on it by now and I’m wondering if I’m going to make it home. Each additional day of riding left me more and more nervous.

The church where we were married
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