Florida to Vermont – Summer 2007

Day 6 – Thursday July 12th

The weather cleared and my wife and I went riding for a few hours. No particular destination, just a meandering ride to enjoy the time together and beautiful weather and scenery. From Queechee VT, we took Route 4 west to Woodstock, then 12 north to Randolph.

Heading out for a ride

We stopped for coffee in Randolph VT. The former train depot has been renovated into coffee house and the walls are decorated with wonderful black and white enlargements of the station and town from back in the steam era when the train was the only reliable transportation. Quite a treat.

Randolph VT
Self portrait!
The trains still roll by

From Randolph, took 66 East to East Randolph, then South on 14 to White River Junction, and back home to Quechee.

Route 66 (!)
Crossing the Connecticut River

June 2007 was very rainy in VT.

The river overfloweth
A beautiful day to ride
One of many beautiful homes

Quechee VT has an annual hot air balloon festival – these photos are courtesy of my wife.

Getting closer...
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