Florida to Vermont – Summer 2007

Day 7 – Friday, July 13th

Getting ready to leave
I-89 South to White River Junction VT

I took I-89 South to White River Junction, then I-91 south through Vermont, Massachusetts and into Connecticut. Picked up CT 15, the Wilber Cross parkway in Meriden CT, and rode that South through CT. This turns into the Merritt Parkway, then into the Hutchinson River Parkway after crossing into New York. I swung west on the Cross County Parkway in Westchester County to I-87, then south on I-87 (Major Deegan Expressway) to it’s end at the Tri-Borough Bridge.

The last 5 miles or so were stop-and-go bumper-to-bumper traffic. There was no breakdown lane so there was no way to get out of this mess. Finally I crossed the East River into Manhattan, and took the East Side Drive south to the 53rd street exit. I was spending the night with a cousin I hadn’t seen in many, many years.

I found her apartment building on the East Side and they wanted $28 to park for one night. I told them I should only have to pay half that since I only had two wheels, not four, but they didn’t like that idea. There was another garage at the end of the block, $24 per night and I suggested the same thing to that attendent too – that I should only have to pay half price since I only had 2 wheels, not 4. After giving it some thought, the guy agreed, so I paid $12. LOL…

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