Florida to Vermont – Summer 2007

Day 8 – Saturday July 14th.

On Saturday morning in NYC, the traffic is light. I rode 42nd street west across Manhattan, through Time Square, and into the Midtown Tunnel which takes you under the Hudson River to New Jersey .

I was on my way to Gettysburg PA. There was a bikefest going on there today and I thought that I would check it out. I-95 south led to I-78 West which I stayed on all the way to Harrisburg, then PA 15 south to Gettysburg . Well, the bikefest was, IMO, somewhat of a non-event, but Gettysburg was beautiful and very moving. I spent several hours in the museum and walking the grounds.

Entrance to the Park
Monument to Lincoln
Marker at the site of the actual address
Soldier's national Monument

Late in the afternoon, I got back on 15 south to Frederick MD, then I-270 to I-495 which is the loop around our nation’s Capital. Finally I reached I-95 and at that point it was just a matter of racking up the miles so that I could be home in time to get to work on Monday. I stopped riding around 11:00 pm near the North Carolina/South Carolina border, found a motel room and called it a day.

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