Florida to Vermont – Summer 2007

Day 9 – Sunday July 15th

There’s nothing too exciting about I-95 south through South Carolina, Georgia and into Florida. Straight, flat and hot. Pine trees, more pine trees, and even more pine trees. And did I mention that the road is straight, flat and hot? I missed the severe thunderstorms that rolled though Jacksonville that afternoon, and finished my ride without having to don my rain gear. The Bridgestone Battleaxe held up and got me home. 8100 miles on the bike and the tire is a goner. From what I’ve read, I may have done better than others.

The Rogue was flawless throughout the trip, but a couple of upgrades are planned. First, replace the stock seat with a Mustang seat with backrest. Secondly, replace the final drive gears with Euro gears. And my next long distance trip will be made with a radar detector and GPS. And lastly, I am going to the Dark Side. With more long-distance trips planned, I’m going to try an automobile tire on the rear and see how I like it.

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A Goldwing rider from Jacksonville, FL.

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