Jax to Cedar Key

I took a ride today to Cedar Key on the west coast of Florida. Cedar Key is apparently one of the oldest ports in the state. In 1861, when Florida’s first cross-state railroad connected it to Fernandina Beach on the northern east coast of Florida, it became a major supplier of seafood and timber products. The railroad is long gone, and today Cedar Key is a collection of restaurants, gifts shops, hotels and boat ramps. I hadn’t been there for over 15 years so I thought it would be a good destination for a Labor Day weekend ride.

Coincidentally, today was the season opener of the Florida Gators football season against Miami of Ohio. I bypassed the traffic in Gainesville by going south on Rt 121 to Williston. Between Gainesville and Williston, I passed this hay gator!

Part of the Gator Nation.

At Willistion, I headed north on Alt 27 to Bronson, then west on 24 which ends in Cedar Key. I had a great lunch a the Rusty Rim.

Lunch spot

There are other places to eat on the water also.

Other restaurants

On the way out of town, I saw signs for the Cedar Key Museum, so I decided to explore.

Sign at the Cedar Key Museum (click to enlarge)

The other side (click to enlarge)
How they made salt
It's about 4-5 feet across the top

Leaving Cedar Key, I took county 347 north to the Shell Mound Unit of the Lower Suwanee National Wildlife Refuge. I thought that the shell mound archaeological site might be interesting to see so I turned off of C347 onto SW 78th Place which leads to the state park and finally turns into a dirt road that dead ends at a… boat ramp! The mound was off of a trail and I didn’t feel like hiking in the heat so I turned around and headed back to C347 and then east toward Rt 98. I stopped for gas at a small country store/gas station at the intersection of 347 and 345, got a cold drink and then headed on to 98 South to 24 East and home.

The temps got up to the mid-nineties I managed to hit the post-game traffic going home through Gainesville on Rt 24. It was a fun day trip, but I am looking forward to some cooler riding weather!

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