Summer 2016 – Day 10, Kanab, Antelope Canyon & Vermillion Cliffs

We started our day with a walking tour of Kanab. Kanab is known as Little Hollywood because of the westerns that have been filmed there over the decades. Throughout the town are plaques that pay tribute to various actors and actresses, many of whom we recognized from childhood television shows.

Parry Lodge

We then headed east to Page AZ to tour Antelope Canyon. The touring companies are downtown and they load you up into pickup trucks containing bench seats in the back. Then it’s a short 10-15 minute ride to the slot canyon. Much of it is in the dry riverbed and the trucks move at a quick pace to avoid getting bogged down in the deep sand. We were part of a large group taking an afternoon tour.

To get an idea of the size and scale, here is image from Google Maps Earth View showing the slot canyon and riverbed from above. Notice the parked pickup trucks. Click to enlarge.

Antelope Canyon, courtesy Google Earth
Antelope Canyon, courtesy Google Earth

Our tour guide was “Bear”, a Navajo woman. For some crazy reason, I didn’t get a picture of her. It’s one of my regrets from the trip.

So for the second time on this trip, I was in Page AZ, and our route home was the one I rode earlier, taking AZ 89A past Marble Canton, The Navajo Bridge, Lees Ferry and the Vermillion cliffs. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset, got back to Kanab UT for the night and enjoyed dinner at the Rocking V Café.

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