Summer 2016 – Day 14, Oklahoma to Arkansas

I thought that western Oklahoma was beautiful. Early morning riding down a two-lane US highway, with farms and ranches extending as far as the eye could see, from horizon to horizon. I passed a farm with round bales of hay in the fields, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. I passed a truck hauling a base for a wind generator, then a convoy of trucks moving a combine to another farm for harvest. The first truck hauled the combine, sans tires. The next was a flatbed hauling the tires. The third was the rolling repair shop. The next hauled a mobile home for the crew. Everything is big out here. Big machines, big farms, big distances. Stopped in Slapout, OK for gas. Population 8. Slapout was about the only thing that was not big.



By mid-day I was in Woodward Oklahoma where I stopped at a steak restaurant for lunch. On the way through town, I passed “Good To Go”, a Creationist display erected by Randall Gabrel, headmaster of Woodward Christian Academy and oil company owner.

Somewhere during the day, I passed this Subway sign.

Very punny
Very punny

And I was very, very happy to learn that Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne made it out of the basement of the Town Hall. That always troubled me as a child.

Mary Anne!
Mary Anne!

I finished the day in Fayetteville, AR.

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