Summer 2016 – Day 2, St. Louis to Colorado Springs

I’ve read articles by riders who dislike crossing the Great Plains. Hours and hours of flat farmland with little to capture the eye or captivate the imagination. But I found this riding soothing and easy. The uncluttered simplicity of the landscape appealed to the minimalist in me. I took I-70 across Missouri and Kansas. It was Sunday and the traffic was light.

Heading West in Missouri

Kansas on I-70
Garden of Eden – the grassroots art capital of Kansas
Heading west on I-70

It was as I had hoped. Farms stretching out as far as the eye could see, horizon to horizon. I left I-70 in Limon, CO and took CO 24 to Colorado Springs where I would spend the night with my son-in-law’s brother. Every 20-30 miles I would pass a grain elevator surrounded by a small cluster of buildings. Other than that, an occasional isolated farmhouse. Virtually no other traffic on the road. Miles and miles of range. Miles and miles of barbed wire! So, so different from the East Coast. Beautiful in the summer, but probably very bleak in the winter.

Colorado grain elevator
Late afternoon in Colorado
No services for 70 miles… US 24 in Eastern CO heading to Colorado Springs.
End of Day 2, US 24 East of Colorado Springs.
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Matthew Dragiff

A Goldwing rider from Jacksonville, FL.

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