Summer 2016 – Day 9, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Our ride today took us south from Tropic UT, through Kanab UT and Fredonia AZ to Jacob Lake and AZ 67, the Grand Canyon Highway to the North Rim. AZ 67 is a wonderful ride in and of itself. Even if the Grand Canyon were not included, the 44 mile ride from Jacob Lake would be a destination ride. It takes you through the Kaibab Plateau, through forest and meadows, the type of smooth undulating road that riders cherish. We were blessed with a clear, dry, nearly cloudless day with comfortable temperatures in the 70s.
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Summer 2016 – Day 6, Page, AZ to Washington, UT

Leaving Page, AZ, I headed south on Highway 89 to Bitter Springs where I would pick up 89A. The section of 89 just north of Bitter Springs descends along the edge of the mesa toward the valley below. The views were fantastic, but alas, there were no places to pull over for photos. I approached Marble Canyon and Navajo Bridge, the graceful arch bridge that spans it. The original bridge is now close to vehicular traffic, but open to pedestrians so it was a nice spot for photos of the gorge and the river below. I met a wildlife photographer who was photographing condors. This was his second day at this location.
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Summer 2016 – Day 5, Monument Valley, Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Dam, and Tar Snakes

I was eagerly anticipating taking the iconic photo of Monument Valley on US 163 heading southwest from Mexican Hat. The spot where Forest Gump stopped running. Around 8:30 AM I crested a hill and there it was before me. I pulled into the small gravel parking area on the right. I wasn’t alone. This morning there was a mini-van and group of 6 Chinese tourists milling about in the middle of the road taking pictures. My first thought was “This is great. I’ll have someone to take my picture and I won’t need to setup my tripod.” I parked in the gravel, got out my camera and took a few pictures. Almost immediately one of the men came up to me and the conversation went something like this.

Tourist: “She would like to take a picture with you”

Me: “Me?”

Tourist: “Yes, she would like to get a picture with you”

Me: “You want me to take a picture of all of you?”

Tourist: “No, just you and her”

Me: “She wants to have her picture taken with me?”

Tourist: “Yes”

Me: “Well, sure. Why not!”

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Summer 2016 – Day 4, Million Dollar Highway, Four Corners, Moki Dugway

The day started with fantastic mountain riding in cool temperatures and ended in the hot, dry desert of southeast Utah.

Bear Creek Falls Overlook is only about 10 minutes south of Ouray, so no sooner had I started then I stopped for photos. Absolutely breathtaking. Somewhere between Ouray and Durango (I don’t remember exactly where) traffic was stopped in both directions as road crews cleared rock that had been blasted earlier that morning.
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