Summer 2016 – Day 15 – Arkansas to Florida

The original plan was to ride in the Ozarks, but when I woke up on Saturday, I knew that I was done. Ready to be home. This became the highest mileage day of the trip. 1100 miles from Fayetteville, AR to Jacksonville, FL. An unofficial Saddlesore 1000.

My only regret of the trip are the photos I didn’t take. The cook and the swinging table grill in Mexican Hat. Bear, our tour guide in antelope canyon. A portrait of the “Green eyed lady” singer. A group photo of the three ladies from North Dakota with their photo friend “Sally”. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Park. The rail yards in Grand Junction. A railroad bridge over the Rio Grande. Sunset in the Curecanti National Recreation Area. An oil well in Oklahoma.

Next time. Next trip.

Summer 2016 – Day 14, Oklahoma to Arkansas

I thought that western Oklahoma was beautiful. Early morning riding down a two-lane US highway, with farms and ranches extending as far as the eye could see, from horizon to horizon. I passed a farm with round bales of hay in the fields, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. I passed a truck hauling a base for a wind generator, then a convoy of trucks moving a combine to another farm for harvest. The first truck hauled the combine, sans tires. The next was a flatbed hauling the tires. The third was the rolling repair shop. The next hauled a mobile home for the crew. Everything is big out here. Big machines, big farms, big distances. Stopped in Slapout, OK for gas. Population 8. Slapout was about the only thing that was not big.
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