The Yearling Restaurant in Cross Creek FL

Lots and lots of Americana

I took a Saturday afternoon ride with my daughter Kate to a fun destination.  You are in Cracker country. Marjorie Rawlings’ home is just up the road. The restaurant is about as close to old Florida as you can still experience. And the best part is Willy Green, providing patrons the enjoyment of live blues. There’s a big Confederate flag on the wall in the bar. If that offends you, don’t walk in the bar. Enjoy it while it lasts…
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Jax to Cedar Key

I took a ride today to Cedar Key on the west coast of Florida. Cedar Key is apparently one of the oldest ports in the state. In 1861, when Florida’s first cross-state railroad connected it to Fernandina Beach on the northern east coast of Florida, it became a major supplier of seafood and timber products. The railroad is long gone, and today Cedar Key is a collection of restaurants, gifts shops, hotels and boat ramps. I hadn’t been there for over 15 years so I thought it would be a good destination for a Labor Day weekend ride. Read More