Clearwater Lights Installed

Here are some additional pictures showing how the lights look when installed. There is also a picture showing how the Handwings were trimmed to clear the mounting bolt. My only disappointment is that the mounting bolt is beginning to show some rust – for the price of these lights, is sure seems that Clearwater could have included stainless steel hardware. I’ll be replacing these… Read More

Installing Clearwater Erica LED Lights

Clearwater Erica LED Lights
Clearwater Erica LED Lights

I recently purchased and installed a set of Clearwater Erica LED lights on my Goldwing. Lights for the GL1800 come with the “universal” wiring kit, so installation becomes a bit more than simple plug-and-play. In Clearwater’s defense, the challenges of this installation are simply due to the fact that the wiring on the Goldwing is buried under the left and right front shelters and it is a considerable amount of work to get the access you need to make this install neat and clean. Much of this is the same work that needs to be done for an air filter replacement – and once you have done it, you know what to do. This was my first time at it, so it was slow going (even with the Honda service manual).

I had a lot of questions – where to install the wiring harness, how to best route the leads from the lights, where to route the power leads, where to install the switches, where to best tap into the high beam and horn circuits, would there be enough clearance for my Baker Built Hand Wings™, etc. I couldn’t find any Goldwing-specific instructions online, so I documented my efforts and hope that it’s helpful to others. Click on any photo to enlarge it. Read More